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TRIMS reduces Data Entry with Bar Code Connectivity

Inventory: Print Inventory Bar Code Labels which identify the product, cost, vendor, and date of purchase. Automatically update your inventory by scanning the Bar Code Labels using a portable Bar Code Reader and uploading the information into TRIMS.

Equipment Usage:  Equipment Usage information can be recorded with a portable Bar Code Reader by simply scanning the Equipment Bar Code and keying in the current hour meter or odometer reading.

Tree Inventory:  Collect and Import information about Work Activities performed on Trees.

TRIMS includes the Bar Code printing and data import functions described above. To make use of these features you will need a Bar Code Scanner or Portable Data Recorder which can be purchased from TRIMS or your local Bar Code equipment supplier.  All Bar Code Equipment will need a TRIMS Interface File installed in order to function properly.  Contact TRIMS Technical Support for details.

LT5101H TriCoder with integrated Laser Scanner & Ergonomic Gun Handle

The TriCoder Portable Bar Code Reader is battery operated and stores scanned or keyed data in its memory for later batch uploading to
TRIMS Grounds Management Software®.

  - 2 MB memory - Over 200,000 10 digit bar codes
  - Customizable Voice Prompts
  - Easy USB Connection
  - Double Duty as Non-portable Bar Code Reader
  - Small Size: 5.9" Length x 3.7" Width x 1.1" Depth
  - Very Light Weight: 11oz (Model LT5101H)
  - Rugged Design - withstands multiple 5 ft drops to concrete
  - Long Battery Life 75,000 Laser Scans
  - Fast 2 hour recharge
  - 15 Line Color TFT LCD Display QVGA
  - Li-ion battery - field replaceable
  - 2 Year Warranty
  - FCC Class B, IC Canada, & CE Approved
  - Made in the USA

LT5101H with integrated Laser Scanner, Ergonomic Gun Handle & USB Cable is $999

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