Support Policy

Software updates and support services are provided to all registered users free of charge for the first year following purchase of a NEW System. Users may contact TRIMS Expert Programming and Support Staff through our toll-free telephone number 800-608-7467 ext 1, by email: , or by TRIMS Internet Chat

TRIMS releases at least one product update annually to incorporate technological and turf industry advances. 

At the conclusion of the first year, continuing product support and update services may be purchased for a small annual fee.  This fee is billed each year on the original purchase anniversary date.  Fees not paid within sixty days of billing will cause support services to lapse.  Support services may be reinstated at any time by paying the total past due amount.

TRIMS Annual Product Support and Update Service Renewal fee is $395.00 for our standard 2-user network license systems and $495.00 for multi-user network license systems.