Cloud Computing

TRIMS includes Cloud Computing Services as a standard component of TRIMS Grounds Management Software®.

With Cloud Computing Services you are able to access your TRIMS Data from anywhere in the world via iPhone, iPad, Android Device or any web browser. 

Need to look at a Budget Account, Work Order, or Chemical Application? The TRIMS Cloud Server brings the data to you instantly. TRIMS Cloud Server even lets you update Equipment Usage Records and Parts Inventory.

TRIMS Cloud Server offers the following functionality: 

           - Labor Hours Data Entry                       - Daily Event Schedule            - Record Equipment Usage  
           - Equipment Maintenance Records     - Equipment Work Orders      - Vehicle Fueling
           - Physical Inventory Count                    - Purchase Orders                    - Chemical Application Log
           - Chemical Product Labels                    - Incident Log                            - Budget/Account Inquiry
           - Budget/Expense Graphs                     - Labor Pie Charts                    - Phone Directory
           - Edit White Board Schedule                 - Tree Inventory 

How does it work? - The TRIMS Cloud Server is a small program you run from any one of your TRIMS Workstations. It monitors the internet waiting for data requests from you. Whenever the Cloud Server is running, you can log on to the TRIMS Cloud Server from the web browser on your iPhone, iPad or Android and access your TRIMS Data.

What are the system requirements? - Windows XP or newer with TRIMS, a high speed internet connection and an iPhone, iPad, or Android Device.

What does it cost? - There is no additional fee for the use of the TRIMS Cloud Server. It is included as a standard component of TRIMS Grounds Management Software®. The only costs involved would be your internet connection fee and your smart phone data package fees..

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